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2005-04-01 07:28:00

I have been watching men or boys walking around with what looked to be horse or donkey whip. I saw this in Peru in the market numerous times, but I could not see any mules, donkeys, burros, horses, oxen’s or any other types of beast of burdens as I have seen in so many countries. There are not that many of them in the cities.

So the question was, why are these guys walking around with pieces of rope on around their necks? I finally found out the answer by accident, I snagged a ride in a taxi with a man going to deliver zippers to the Granero, I have no clear definition for the word, but from context it must have something to do with where they sell parts for sowing clothes, but the word in the dictionary is Granary or a place for grain. Who knows, but nonetheless I was with this man and he was delivering huge bags full of zippers to the area where they sell backpack parts, false labels for jeans, and all sorts of parts to make clothing and backpacks, bags, etc.

We arrived, and the bags are heavy, he summons two mules that look like boys to me, they pull off the ropes from around their necks, I am astounded, it is the way they are going to carry the bags. Therefore, the picture above explains better, these men, boys, or persons were standing around waiting to be a mule, taxi, person that carries the burden for vendors of products.

I personally thought this was always done by the women in these countries, as the men normally are too lazy, but it appears there is an alternative system I was not aware of, so if you have a couple Bolivianos you can hire a boy mule.

I spend my whole travel life looking for this!

Travel is torture; tourism is a low form of torture, if you are alone. Nothing worse than seeing the world alone and not comparing notes. If people really like to travel they would not go home, but they do. However, the solution to this form of torture called travel is to share your trip, and then it goes from being torture to another day of paradise.

The coffee clutch, the corners of the bar, the place where everyone knows your name. This is what the world needs, and wants, but hard to find when you travel because the world of tourism is trying so hard to convince that living in a Five Star Hotel is fun. I can be fun and of course it fun to hang out with your favorite babe, girl, friend, or whatnot sharing something, but after awhile it is nice to have some other friends. I personally do not think buying is about friendship, or going to go shopping is a form of intimacy, however sitting around with a few people…

Canadian from is Argentina

Now this is the joy of life, sharing a talk, doing what traveler do best, comparing notes about the world.

It is hard to believe that the Hotel industry has not figured out better ways to bring people together to talk. They always think they need to make money first, so they provide restaurants, bars, shopping. They have swimming pools and this sort of works, however nothing like just a great kitchen to use to cook, a few tables around with a waiter that does not want to work to make life great. This is just an ad hoc place to sit, close to the kitchen in my Hotel. The guidebook write for Bolivia from the Lonely Planet is clueless on how to travel, I think he is spoiled rich kid from California, he cannot help it, and it is his culture.

However if you want some fun travel find the hotel with no bar in the bottom a group like this, it is a great time. A real cultural exchange, the reason why I travel.

Some of you great readers are aware I have been searching for this cooker in Asia. I wanted to buy hundreds of these perfect coffee or tea cookers. I finally returned to La Paz, Bolivia where I purchased my first one, and have wanted a new one for four years.

I have found the toy, I am so happy. I am one way or the other going to purchase 200 hundred of these perfect cookers. They are the perfect traveler toy, specialty gear, anything you wish to call them. The boil water.

Why is this good?
Boiled water is purified.
Boiled water is safe to drink.

Water is my biggest food type expense.

Actually, I am addicted to coffee, but most travelers are addicted to the nipple. They have this purified bottle of water in their hands all the time, like a big baby bottle. I will try to take a photo.

Therefore, what do you do, you put this cooker inside their baby bottle; plug it in, and whala! You have boiled water ready to drink… Later.

Now the bigger problem, how to get a Bolivian person serious enough to find and sell me 200. Manana! These people are not good at earning money, I say, I want to buy 200 of this, they say,
“No tengo.”

Opportunity has to hit them in the head to get their attention, but I am pounding them in the head, I think that Coca dulls their brains, something sure has. I used to think money motivated people; it does not, only making money with no work motivates people. This is greed, nothing to do with making money.

The world does deserve what it gets, and people do earn as much as they deserve.

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