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2005-04-02 08:14:00


This is a photo of cars that pass the El Carretero Hotel / Hostal etc. in La Paz, Bolivia. About every 10th vehicle is carrying Coca leaves; they make Cocaine from the leaves. This is obviously a big business and not a mystical wanna be spiritual type situation. Coca was used in the past in moderation but the making Cocaine is a modern invention. The sad part is the Bolivian and most of South America is starting to use their own drug, so here comes cheap drugs to South America.
A Peruvian woman in Cusco was telling me her belief that the Spanish encourage Coca cultivation, then with the bringing alcohol this cause a major social problem.

The Inca Indians stopped growing food and grew coca, or worked for Spanish.
They started growing more Coca and chewing the leaves.
The Spanish hooked them on drinking alcohol.

They now had less vitamins in their diets, and he use of Coca and alcohol dulled the brains of the now Quechua Indians. It does seem that there is not much light in the eyes, and the quickness of the eyes is diminished. It would be very easy for me to believe this is true.

It behooves the Mestizos population to keep the Quechua hooked on Coca and Alcohol so they can keep them placid and passive. There are more Quechua people than Mestizos however, the Mestizos run the country and take all the money. Therefore, there is moneymaking reason to keep the Indians hooked on Coca leave, and more than just Cocaine.


This has gone too far, the Non Government Organizations or NGO’s as they call themselves are now just like the Eco-tourism companies. Everyone is getting into the act of selling good will for a profit.

I instantly lose respect for a tour company or organization when the letters NGO are connected. It means nothing, I am a NGO, and I am not Government. Crap!


This photo is of a sign or poem like thing drawn to sell San Pedro and Ayuahuasca. These two natural type drugs cause hallucinations like LSD. They wrap it in mysticism and Shamans and call it spiritualism…

Just a great excuse for people to get high.

Exportation of herbs or Ayuhuasco to the USA is rampant, the classify it as a religion to get around the legal problems.