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2005-04-17 11:09:00

I suppose this is not Paparazzi however when I am really trying to capture a photo I feel this Paparazzi instinct. A great photographer must work very hard to capture the perfect photo. Note I am not a great photographer, I am just a Hobo that takes too many photos.

Light or the sun needs to be correct.
Timing is everything.

I have been trying to photograph a bag of Coca leaves on top of a Taxi. They are moving very fast, so finally I stood at a stop sign, now people do not stop in Bolivia very good, however they did slow down enough to capture this photo.

This is a photo of Coca leaves used to make Cocaine.
Note this has the destination and the date.
The reverse the date from the way that is normal for the USA.

16-4-05 not 4-16-05
4 month
16 date in the month.
05 year

Very organized these Coca leave producers, or some are, this type of vehicle passes by the hostal at the rate of ever 5-10 car interview every day except Sunday. That is a lot of cars loaded with Coca leaves.

What is Paparazzi?