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2005-04-12 09:26:00

Ok, I just spent one half hour making a map to put here offline, then had to download the drivers for my flash drive, because 50 to 70 percent of the time they do not have windows XP, then I had to download winzip to unzip my drivers, then load in the drives, then upload Cute FTP... I get all the blog photo s published and I accidentally deleted the correct graphic, and left the wrong one. The internet in the world is a challenge.

Map of my rendition of river systems of South America, I look for possible travel routes.

This is the map that I drew trying to explain the former post about me thinking way too much about rivers in South America. I suppose go down a couple and read the post and this map with make more sense.

I really did not have much desire to go to Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, however it was one of them ticks on the list of places you are suppose to go, or maybe you could go, I heard there were alligators, however I only seen pets and one alligator. However, I am very obsessed with the idea of traveling from the farthest point of the Amazon water system down somewhere to where I have been before, I would also like to go to Belem, Brazil to smell around to see smugglers and hopefully some really culture clatter, I think Belem is a big city, however that does not mean outside the city there can not be some real crazies.

Obsessions are interesting, I am full of enigmatic quandaries that drive everyone crazy but me, I am immune to my own obsessions and consider them a sport, like many sports I have, game for the mind, my play toys.

I want to find a route behind or East of Cusco and hopefully from Bolivia to Iquitos Peru by river or boat. I am also interested to find the farthest point that a drop of water starts in Bolivia or South America and works its way to Belem, Brazil down the Amazon River systems.

I keep looking at maps, however they are not in one place and the computer one wiggles when I go from place to place, I need a very integrated map of the South American Rivers, I am sure it is in some library outside of South America, it would only make sense anything good would not be here, there may be ones hidden in the South American Explorers Club or for sure the government hides them, I have yet to see a tour company in the world that had a clue of things like maps or information, the South American Explorers Club is more a tour club and not explorers however they do have some great reports, now they need to label me an explorer and give me free me membership… hehehe… I am not fond of paying 50 dollars to enters a small room and look at map maybe two times, for a hour each time, that is 25 dollars per hour, I think I could pay Chris the worlds greatest internet surfer to send me the map I need to have and to hold, to be mine in my pocket, for the trip…. Remember what Alex Garland says about maps, we should not tell or share. (The Beach Movie.)

DHL Shipping does have a use!

OK, so obsession, compulsive behavior, I practice so few of my addictions anymore, that life is sometimes boring, I need a good passion to drive me along. I do admit the woman of South America have a more Jungle feel about them, more basic, back to primitive. People need to go primitive to remember that sometimes monkeys are for sure smarter than Humans are.

Monkeys do what they want without apologizing; people spend their whole time apologizing for animal behavior. Strange anyone would apologize for being natural and anyone would try to say things are natural that do not propagate the species, I think some people need to go…. Do something that is technically impossible to themselves.

Natural, all is natural because it happens, however I do not wish to be annoyed by you, I especially do not want to hear how I you need me to listen to you while you annoy me, this seems unnatural listen to people annoy me, and pretend like I care.

I try to listen to the people with real problems, they are too afraid to talk.

OK, obsession for rivers, this is the start of all transportation, however everyone needs water, so if you stop, and look a maps for too long you will see, there is always a connection between water and cities, rivers and cities, transportations and water, location location location, these are the three most important aspects of Real Estate, wrong…

It is Transportation Transportation Transportation, which will tell you the location, however look for the river… hehehe

OK, so I am trying to find the most enjoyable, best ways that will eventually evolve to trips inside of South America, maybe 50 years from now, contrary to any dream myths the world has, it is not overpopulated, there is 50 percent of the planet with nothing but land and space, the cities are overcrowded and the mice are not smart enough to leave the cage.

OK, there are two major river paths that need explored or opened in South America, maybe there are really four.

1. Down from Colombia to Iquitos Peru, somewhere closer to Bogotá.

2. Coca, Ecuador to Iquitos, Peru, I did this trip.

3. From near Lake Titacaca / Peru / Bolivia to the east of Cusco and to Pacalpa or Iquitos Peru, this is a great trip idea for me from Cusco to Iquitos.

4. From South of Santa Cruz, Bolivia or maybe near Cochabamba, Bolivia, I am still trying to figure out, across Brazil and open up that area for easier travel, it is probably the crazy area to reach, other than the 100 kilometers South and North along the main Amazon Corridor.

The main Amazon Corridor is traveled, leave the river one kilometer and most is untouched as best I can see except for locals eating monkeys and all the animals they can kill.

There is a river called the Grande Mamoré

“Mamoré, river in northern Bolivia, main headstream of the Madeira River, formed by the junction of a number of streams rising in the Cordillera de Cochabamba. The total length is 1,900 km (1,200 mi), of which nearly 1610 km (1000 mi) are navigable.”

Thanks to Encyclopedia Encarta, a.k.a. Microsoft for that knowledge, this leads to the Amazon or is the Amazon in my way of thinking, ok, this river is down around Santa Cruz, and is not easy to figure out, that is why I say obsession, normal would quit.

If you are traveling anywhere in the world, pay attention to the rivers.

The rivers were the first form of transportation, then the road, or trains, so normally most cities are built along rivers for fresh water and transportation, and then come the road, and sometimes trains in South America, however not really.

Therefore if you understand the rivers of a continent you start to understand separations of culture, mountains, languages and how it evolved to the present conditions, there are natural boundaries in the world.

NOTE: I did not reread or try to edit, I am trying to drive you obsessive compulsive people crazy that concentrate on grammar, this is lesson 171, tolerance and you can learn how you are dysfunctional. Communication is the primary reason to read or write, then grammar is a form, concentrate on the form or my writing while I sneak up behind you and smack you in the head. Failure to focus! You have poor concentration skills and cannot handle distractions come to South America so they can rob you and not me…