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2005-04-24 09:33:00

The MTV generation wants to be rock stars and famous, so they have dreams.

The name of the street in Cusco where they make Guitars, Violins, Harps, Bongos, and all sorts of musical Instruments. This is a Fabrica de Instrumentos or (Factory of Instruments)


X Generations, the MTV Generations, and the Clueless Generation dream all in one location. There was as serious lacking of dreaded, pieced and tattoo bodies in this location. Maybe it was because this was a serious location of people making music instruments, and not infatuations.

Ok, this is maybe one of the number one reasons I believe to travel the planet, to find the source, the place, the start or where they make things.

This is a street of small musical instruments in the middle of the Ratons. I always laugh when I go into this area because all of the locals keep warning me and saying.

“Cuiadate, mucho Ratones.”

This means literally, take care there are lot of RATS.
What they mean is there are lots of ladrones or thieves. What a great place to go, and investigate the world, and the place you should not go, unless you are a serious person that wants to look at real cultural things, the making of Guitars, outside the tourist loop. Away from the resort where for sure it is dirty and you will get dirty.

Man making a guitar, he says it is a copy of Fender Guitar; I am not sure about the words because he is using a lot of new words in my Spanish Vocabulary or outside my loop.

I just walked in as if I owned the place and walked around, they seem to never care, fun to do this in Restaurants.


This is a photo of three types of Chicha. The only one I can remember is the purple one, this is Chicha Morado or maybe the color is Morado, let me think, I think Morado means PURPLE.

Chicha is a mild alcoholic drink made from various things, they usually say corn, however my thought is they add make the fermentation and add some sugar and fruits, sort of a soft drink with an extremely small amount of alcohol unless they are on a mission.

I tried it once in Caucausia, Colombia with a girl visiting her aunt, as normal. I tasted the drink knowing in Latino culture to not try something especially in the company of a woman, while being paraded to the family is social suicide. I learned that lesson in Mexico. Therefore, I taste the food with girls.

OK, so I try this, think, this has a familiar taste, and then I asked, does this have alcohol in it? In typical Latino way of saying things, they say no, however I pushed on and they said, well a little.

So roots of the logic, SAME SAME but Different or the Asian way of viewing the world is more or less the same as Latino. There is need a fuzzy logic to interpret this somewhat variable scale way of viewing things.

Yes, however no, and the world wonders why men do not think no means no when in the whole world no does not mean no, it means maybe.

Ok, I am what they call a recovering alcoholic so I do not drink alcohol under an condition, however I drank a little alcohol before I discovered it was alcohol, so hmm… this is not good.

A man is weigh by his intentions, so I stopped, felt no guilt, remorse or compulsion. I know my intentions. What a problem for people when they can not stop playing dysfunctional mind games. I need no excuses in life to do something, I will do as I want, when I want, no excuses needed.

Relax Mom, that was five years ago, obviously it did not drive me to the brink… hehehe