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2005-04-14 06:49:00

A religious organization that started in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I have been emailing a friend in Paraguay, trying to learn how to visit with the minimal amount of problems. There was a word Chaco or something to do with a large Savannah area in Paraguay, Argentina, etc, while reading about this word I find that in Paraguay some Canadian Mennonites were invited to set up a colony in a city by the name of Filadelfia.

It appears that there are many Mennonites in this area and it would be interesting to see them and compare to the branch in the USA in and around Indiana. I have seen Amish looking people before in South America and difficult to grasp the various cultures. There is a problem in Paraguay for Israeli people I have heard because of Middle East people in the country. There is gossip that Paraguay is the most corrupt country in the world, I say this is gossip, I do not think there are ways to prove the levels of corruption, however normally a little truth is behind gossip.

I entered Ciudad Del Este when I was near there before and it has a very strange mixture of cultures at the border city. Some more gossip is this is a possible country for sale that would allow Usama Bin Laden to live in this country.

Now John says they make American pay maybe 50-65 dollars U.S. Visa fee to enter the country, following the example of Brazil. These countries are clueless when it comes to promoting tourism, I do not think they care about tourism; however, this for sure is not a way to proceed.

The big difference in Paraguay is they do not speak Spanish as much, there is a language called GuaranĂ­.

Paraguay is not in the normal route for travelers; it is as John was saying forgotten by the Lonely Planet. Probably in reality one of the more unique places in South America culturally.