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2005-04-28 08:17:00

Manaña is getting on my nerves; I am getting impatient while waiting for people to learn that I will leave soon. The concept of travel is hard to believe for people, they always think that I am staying; they believe they have time to see me again, or whatever.

Time is a funny beast, it waits for no one and yet no one pays attention to the time. It is the only thing we have to give or receive from people is the time we spend with them, and yet they take it away quickly and or refuse to give time.

I used to work in the USA and talk on the telephone a lot. I realized one day when I was trying to type on my computer and talk on the telephone at the same time that I was being rude. I did not try to listen, this makes people feel unimportant.

MY Manañas

Manaña I will receive my special, super dooper, room heater that works in 110 or 220. This started a week ago.

Manaña Kikko will finish his one job so he can work on my backpack, that was one week ago this started.

A friend came to visit one hour late.

To be happy with the Latino culture it is best to never have an appointment, I learned this years ago; however I am trying to make some gear for me. I have already taken into consideration and expect the time to double, so now it is triple or four times the wait.

I want to leave Cusco, I am tired of this place, I need a new adventure, and new page.

I am giving up on a new model of my backpack being made, and am now only waiting for the heater. It was for sure going to be completed yesterday, however, I am waiting for Manaña.

Victor the person that making the heater is good, I am anxious to see if my experiment works, I go again today at noon.

I tell people, I leave in 5 days.
Next day I say 4
Next day I say 3
One day I leave and do not even say goodbye.
Why? They never listened. There are people that listen and care, and other that have no time.

The great thing about being a real traveler, I have time for anything, except people that say… Manaña