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2005-04-20 07:04:00

Ok, this not the correct quote, however here in Cusco I noticed a funny something happening. I walked around and took a tour of the movie restaurants. There were an unusually high number of signs in Hebrew, and then I was really surprise to find the one movie place did not have their sign in English and only was in Hebrew. I do not read Hebrew and wanted to know what he movie was?

What is up, there are almost double the number of signs in Hebrew? I do not care but I then see two Israeli girls from the tour in Rurrenabaque, the world is small and we are on the same path, so very common to see the same travelers.

I asked,
“What is up with all the signs in Hebrew?”
I suppose politically correct I am suppose to not notice this, however I believe politically correct mean to lie, so I do not lie.

They say,
“X is Jewish Passover.”

I forget which day; however, I think she said, Sunday.

They go on to say that, maybe 500 Israel people will come to Cusco soon to celebrate Passover. She treated me as if I would not know what Passover was, and I told her.
“This is in the Christian bible also.”
She said,
“Not the same.”

I do not know, it is just Old Testaments and to me at this time Christ was not born so all were the same before the split, seems to me the same.

Oh well, not important, and I was teasing the Jewish boy with the two girls when I said,
“Great, there will be lots of Israeli girls in town, I love Israeli girls.”

90 percent of the travelers appear to me to be racist against Israel so for sure they would not try to meet Israeli girls; I am not from Europe so I am not racist against Israel. I like Israel people and will do my best to make friends because I consider them great friends. Israeli people are very strong, opinionated people and can be overwhelming if you are weak, I personally love very strong and direct personalities and life is easy when people are direct. The successful USA executive is this way while the fruit of the looms are not, so nice to meet some straightforward persons.

I like all people even the jerks most of the time unless they are making an attack, and then they are making a stupid move, as I may take the wind out of their liberal sails.

This is April and the Equinox is ended, I am very confused on Passover, however not important. The vernal equinox occurs around March 21.
First day of spring I think.



Passover, important Jewish festival commemorating the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt and their safe flight across the Red Sea (see Judaism: Festivals). This flight, described in the Book of Exodus, was led by Moses.

The name of the festival (pesach, Hebrew for “passing over” or “protection”) is derived from the instructions given to Moses by God (see Exodus 12:3-17). In order to encourage the Egyptians to allow the Hebrews to leave Egypt, God intends to “smite all the first-born ... both man and beast” in the land. To protect themselves, the Hebrews are told to mark their dwellings with lamb's blood so that God can identify and thus pass over them.

The celebration of the holiday begins after sundown on the 14th day of Nisan, the first month of the Jewish ecclesiastical year, about the time of the vernal equinox. In accordance with rabbinic law (see Halakhah; Rabbi), Jews living outside the limits of ancient Palestine (see Diaspora) celebrate the holiday for eight days and partake of a ceremonial meal, known as the Seder, on the first two nights. The Seder consists of prescribed foods, each of which symbolizes some aspect of the ordeal undergone by the Hebrews during their enslavement in Egypt. For example, horseradish signifies the bitterness of the experience, and a mixture of chopped nuts and apples in wine symbolizes the building mortar used by the Hebrews in their forced labor. During the Seder the narrative of the exodus is recounted and prayers of thanksgiving are offered up to God for his loving protection. The readings, songs, and prayers of the Seder are contained in the Haggada, copies of which are available for all at the table. Jews living within the limits of ancient Palestine celebrate Passover for seven days, conducting a Seder only on the first night.

Throughout the holiday observant Jews abstain from eating leavened bread, substituting unleavened bread, usually in the form of matzo. These matzoth recall the unleavened bread eaten by the Hebrews during their flight because they had no time to prepare raised bread. Jewish tradition prescribes that, during Passover, meals be prepared and served using sets of utensils and dishes reserved strictly for that festival.

Contributed By:
Saul Lieberman

Quote from Encylopedia Encarta
am confused why they say this is a Jewish holiday here, I see it as both.