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2005-04-24 06:42:00

I am trying to make an electric room heater; it is intriguing to notice the correlations between the analyzation of exploring a place and the analyzation of inventions.

There are variables that I need to list and categorize to make this room heater, the all interact in a causal relation to disrupt the other variables.

Everything is interrelated.

I will try to stop here, however to be an explorer of the planet does require more than just a desire to go somewhere, it also require the innovative ability to adapt and change to the destination. To explore the South or North Pole you would need to find, locate, discover and in the most difficult circumstance invent the gear or devices you need.

Then weigh and prioritize.

It is emotionally painful for me to listen to some of the other people traveling around as they explain their discovers. Mostly they are explaining something inside the envelope. Something inside the guide or easily discovered with zero work, this is taxing in my brain to listen, although I do listen trying to find the glimmer of things possible.

The world is explored, however not really. Now that is a confusing comment, the world is explored and explained generally very well, however when it comes to explaining all the little corners of the planet, then no. The number of corners of the planet to inspect, travel, and explain are greater than the stars, I shall not have time enough.

Nonetheless, this Room Heater Project, maybe you would say an invention, I would more likely say I have digested many variables and am attempting to place them together in an innovative way. Is that an invention, I am not sure?

1. created thing: a thing that somebody has created, especially a device or process
2. act of creating: the creation of something new.

How do I know it is new? How do I discover if it is new? It is really new, or just a combination of old things? At what level does it cross from just a great combination to actually an invention?

My brain is like a bad neighborhood, you do not want to enter alone.

Ooops, is it possible to pay someone to invent something, however call it your own?