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2005-04-20 07:06:00

Maybe how to become a Millionaire when you are from a underdeveloped country

This is how it works.

Step one - You need to work for the government.
Step two - You apply for the what would be first world amount of money for a country to do something in underdeveloped country.
Example: The pay in Peru is about 10 dollars or less per day for construction workers and ask fo money that world be normal contract in richer countries.

Step four - You declare yourselves incompetent and poor.

Stop five - Make an appeal to groups that are afraid to be strong, like the United Nations.

Step six - Make sure all the people that are voting are doing the same. Example that 80 percent of the world are in the same boat, requesting money for nothing.

Step seven - Suck the money off in construction contracts because you also are the owners of all the businesses that will receive the money.

So the people feel guilty in the rich countries, feel they must help the poor, this is crazy way to run the world.

Read this article closely, it says,

PERU request money.
They say they do not manage the place good.
They want money from the United Nations.

Peru is making a fortune off of Machu Picchu, this is one of the most extorted sites on the planet presently, they are charging extreme amounts of money in proportional to the cost of living in Peru to enter this site. They have the way of milking the system down to a science, then they want more money so they can manage again badly, if they are doing badly than turn it over to the Germans, they can do a good job.

Read, this article wrapped in "World Peace."

This is typical in the world as everyone wants something for nothing, endemic of a large problem in the people of the planet, never want to think they can save themselves, and then make huge profits from the addle minded.

I tried to ignore this, however their Peruvian Public Relations people which are not incompetent have make this appear in my I have set on Machu Picchu almost daily, it is obvious they are good at collecting cash.