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2005-04-20 07:02:00

“A person searching for a Bridge out of the country, not any country, must be a number one country.”

Normally USA, England or Australia, maybe Germany.

I returned to Cusco yesterday from La Paz, upon entering the Hostal I received the extension of the hand and a kiss on the cheek from Sonia. This especially happens with formal introductions, and if you noticed, would happen more than you could imagine. I am a flirt maybe and sometime like to make the girls feel good. I find that I can make the older women feel good if I I say,
“Hola Senorita.”

This means more or less young non married woman and make them feel better than saying.’
“Buenas Dias Senora.”

This is like saying Good Morning Mrs. or Madame or something, however the Senora indicates respect and that she is married.

I had an executive in Arequipa instruct me on this as he said, do not make the older women feel old. Trust me there is no better instructors in being smooth than the Latino men, they have a way that convinces the women to forget they have four girl friends at the same time.

I asked Sonia,
“How many boyfriends did you meet while I was gone?”
She said,
She then said,
“How many did you meet in La Paz?”
I said,
People like it when you insinuate that they must fight off the boys or girls.

She said,
“I do not believe you.”

I said,
“Solo Bridgecheras!”

I am always surprised that this foreigner slang can evade the locals, and of course, it evades most of the travelers also, I am not sure, where I learned this word however, it is a very appropriate word.

I went on to explain to Sonia about he word Bridgechera and she more or less understand however hard for her to empathize with being a foreigner and funny I was having the same conversation with one French guy and two Argentines in the El Carretero as they started complaining about not meeting girls in La Paz.

They were in Brazil where the girls are very forward and thought the girls in La Paz were difficult to meet, the French guy was commenting on how the girls in Argentina are easy to meet. However, they complained about the La Paz girls. I am not sure though these three guys are klutzes; they more or less sit around smoke cigarettes, joints, and drink all day, juggling balls and such, remind me of the circus and looks the same.


BRIDGE + (Spanish Suffice) = Bridge eras

If you put era or eradora on the end of a word in Spanish, it means some one that does something more or less, so a work can be a Trabajadora and or you can have mujer or a mujeradora is a person that works on women.

It is easy to add this ending onto the end of word and make the word work.

So I can say, let me think?
Well, the bottom line is you can add the ending, oh yes; a person that talks a lot is a Hablar the verb plus adora, therefore

I am probably spelling these words wrong; however, I can say them more or less correct so I can talk. Spelling is more difficult than talking.

Therefore, there are these boys and girls that are Bridge Cheras or people searching for a bridge out of the country. These girls will come up to me once per day and for sure in the Plaza de Armas and flirt I am good at blowing them off fast and getting rid of them. They are very flattering and inviting me to do all sort of things. Normally it requires that I spend money on them and they normally want me to go drinking or dancing. This works well for most of them, however they are annoying to me and obviously more like a bar girl in Thailand, you need to ignore 90 percent because they are floozies.

I make no apologies and do not deny. I search actively with no remorse for friendship. I believe a traveler must concentrate on finding good friends fast or go crazy from being alone. It is considered in our warped world unmanly or needy to search for friendship. I consider this attitude the highest example of needy. A person that will sit around chastising another for wanting friendship is incapable of being a friend. How can you be a friend when you shame a person for wanting love, love is the most nature of needs. It is obvious people get married to secure their need for love and to guarantee they have it daily.

I am now after eight years completely aware the only thing that will stop me traveling is my inability to find adequate friendships. I am in need of better friends as the modern tourist I meet become crazier similar to the new Argentina travelers or the klutz from France I met, they are only capable of smoking, drinking, and talking. They are the great internet chatters of the world that cannot have an intimate conversation with another person.

They have trouble-finding girls in a place where girls throw themselves at them. I am double the age of these boys, they are klutzes, and they make themselves ugly so they can be safe.

Yes, I have a HUGE advantage, I am from the USA, and has nothing to do with me working just a lucky sperm in a lucky place. However, France is a desired country in places like Africa and such where they have convinced them they are not the devil. Of course, in South Americans, the French are Latinos and the girls smell this.

Sonia and the owners of the hotel went on to tease me about Bridgecheras and ask me about them and tried to get me to explain in detail. It was interesting as they think also a person should not notice these girls. There is the boy version also that meets tons of white girls, they like get the job of tour guides, which makes most tour guides in the world worthless.

There is this hiding of friends in the world that has become upward to being crazy. How can you meet a wife if you do not talk to people, you cannot get married without having a few courtships. There is the inane belief that you sleep with every girl you talk with.

Most people are so animal they cannot believe you can talk with a person without having sex, this is so crazy, and it is hard to believe the number or men and women in the world that cannot get close to other without mating. They go to the bars nightly and spend their times avoiding everyone because I think maybe they cannot stop themselves.

I personally spend all my time in the day walking around talking to friends or meeting interesting folks around the city.

The owner got a kick when I said,
There are night girls and daygirls.

Daygirls are nice girls and night girls are floozies.

I suppose that comment will get some hate mail… hehehe some floozies right now is angry, because if you want to get person really angry say the truth. Now a person that goes out every night and is not a floozy will not be angry in the least.

I am a tourist, I go and look at things, there is nothing to look at in the night so I want people to walk with me in the day. I have seen very few restaurants that I would call worthy of visiting in another country at night, there are lots of local type food stands that I would say are for sure a cultural experience.

Damn, I wanted to write nothing on bridgecheras however, this is a very complicated situation. Explaining the relationships you encounter around the world is much more difficult than taking about Machu Picchu; it requires no thought to explain a beautiful place.

Friendships and how people like or do not like each other is of great interest however everyone ignore it, as they are not suppose to talk.

By the way, many of the Argentina girls and boys want to leave Argentina and I do not blame them, this is the richer ones normally so they can be smooth talking Bricheros or Bricheras, deceptive. This is a expensive country with not that many jobs, like France.