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2005-04-12 11:35:00

I found this kerosene lantern device for sale in a shop here in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, I purchase for maybe .75 Cents U.S. or about 6 Bolivianos. I always want more light to read by in the event I am on some deserted island. Candles are good, but really they are heavy to carry, the melt, and do not last long, the best form of travel fuel is probably Kerosene, gas for a car is easiest to find, however dangerous, most oil is sort of difficult to find and burns dirty, kerosene is most the time available, the cleanest and easy fuel to find is alcohol, however in the Islamic countries it is expensive because I believe they do not want them to drink it, most alcohol sold around the world is from sugar of some kind and not wood like the USA, so you could drink it if you are a little loco.

I found a cap on a whiskey bottle in Koh Mak, Thailand and it had the wick to a kerosene type lantern. My thought is this, if I had a cap that fit on top of a beer bottle, one that more or less was a little big or small, maybe adjusted in some manner, I could only carry the cap with the wick, there are always beer bottles, and some form of fuel. I will think if I can adjust this, maybe I can buy a piece of cork and it would work, put a small pipe through the cork. Wind is the next problem, however the room is not winding, however when you need a candle there is normally not the best place to sleep.
I am sure a lot of people believe flashlights or torches as the British call them is the answer, especially this little one you clip on your head, however this is just a stop gap solution, does not last long enough where the locals are all going to start buying this junk. The local solution is usually the best for the area.

I have heard, however I have not found, or seen, that there is a little spot light head flashlight, or small pointer that will last like maybe 1800 hours, if that does exist then I could read by this light.

The wick part of the kerosene lantern.

The lady that works in the Amaszonas Airlines office went and lived in the USA, she learned English perfectly, had a good job, said she could sing the National Anthem of the USA, she is very disillusioned now she said,
“If I go pregnant and was on welfare like the Mexicans, I would still be in the USA, I have to be illegal to stay.”

Then she says,
“I did every thing right and I had to leave.”

This is the nature of the new liberal world, protect the people who do not deserve to be protected and punish the ones that obey the rules.
I said,
“Do not feel alone, I am a blond haired, blue eyed male, that like women from the USA, I am the most hated person on the planet.”
She agreed, everyone hates me, which is why she was complaining to me, I am supposed to be the one that caused the problem for her. I said,
“I am sorry, it make me ashamed that the USA treated a person that did all the right things wrong.”

There is an idea that every sad story in the world has merit and every person needs to be able to live without working. There are some parts of the world broken, I then said,
“Hey, go to Europe, they will let anyone come and live, do nothing, and you can just go to the next if you have a problem, trust me Europe is being invade by people that will not work.”

Hmm… she wants the American Dream, she should have stayed for the eight years or whatever is needed for them to get citizenship by amnesty or whatever the crazy policy is now. I guess I must recommend that crime does pay. I tell people all the time, fly to Mexico or Canada and walk across the border, easy solutions to Visa Problems.

American Breakfast, whatever that is, normally has coffee I think.
Omelet’s for the French,
Muesli for the Germans and Europe.
Beef, Chicken and Fish ala plancha, which mean ironed of flattened to serve the local words.
Pizza - aagh, the guaranteed sign of too many tourists.
Lasagna for the veggies and pasta people that think they are avoiding the chicken eggs.
Pasta, again for the Vegans and Veggies, you know pasta with Veggies on Monday and Rice with Veggies on Tuesday.
Helados, or Ice Cream.

This is very popular restaurant, one of these days I would love to have a traveler or tourist walk up to me and say,
“I just found the best typical restaurant, no tourist, menu in Spanish, it was like eating with a Bolivian family, no special fuss for us, the place is where all the local eat, the perfect place to learn about Bolivia.”

I had a person make a post in the comments when I was comparing the Peruvian girls to the Asian girls, it was full of curses words so I had to delete, however it is interesting that I am trying to more in a guy way explained he difference between body shapes of various countries and people get angry, not that I care, however the various difference in body shapes, colors of skins, faces, length of nose, the length of thy, and so many differences is interesting, or I suppose no one would take photos, however the world if full of photos, I guess what they mean is show, but keep your mouth shut, do not explain.

I suppose I will go on explaining what I see and feel, I do try my best to day, these are my opinions, not that I sit around trying to prove or disprove anything, this is just an guy that hangs around in other countries.


Coffee Strainer more or less.