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2005-04-16 09:47:00

This is a photo from the Airplane leaving or taking off from Rurrenabaque and returning to La Paz.

Note, they cancelled 10:00 departure again for four people and then we had to wait until 12:00 to go to the airport. Hard to imagine how little they care for our time, or maybe how abusive Amaszonas Airlines was in the handling of departures, they did not seem to mind totally moving a person with no notice to another flight.

One person from Ireland was waiting in front of the building, I asked,
“Are you on the 10:00 flight?”

He said, yes and then I proceeded to say my seat was cancelled, he went inside and asked if he was still on the 10:00 flight. They said, yes and then proceeded to say,
“Why you not get in the taxi?”

This was incredibly stupid as they do nothing to tell the people what they need to do or to help in anyway, it is a matter that you must being annoyingly persistent in asking questions until they want to get rid of you by putting you on a flight. What a system! On the other hand, what a lack of systems to manage the totally and completely disorganized flights.