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2005-04-13 08:26:00


From La Paz Bolivia to Rurrenabaque Bolivia
Leaving La Paz is more or less Latino dependable, normal levels of lots of problems, however you can maybe say ok.

From Rurrenabaque Bolivia to La Paz you would need to clarify the tickets are at best a first come first serve.

I first started to leave 4 day ago, it is the month of April and just the start of the busy season.

Do not stack a trip to another country, so you have less than a four day delay between flights, you need at least a four day delay between connections as the do not guarantee flights in any way.

If you must travel by a time schedule, the bus is more dependable, you are probably guaranteed to make it in less than 48 hours, high water or low.

There are three or more major issues with this Airline that you need to be warned about.

1. Baggage Weight.
There is only 15 kilos of checked bags, and only 3 kilos of carry on allowed. This means the average backpacker could pay more, do not get on this airline with all your bags, and store some in the hotel in La Paz.

2. The reserved seat is not a reserved seat from Rurrenabaque to La Paz, they will cancel or move your day back as they wish, with no notice except when you show up to leave. You need to go check daily and early.

3. Overbooked flights.
As best I can tell, all flights are overbooked therefore there is always someone in the bubble, which will not leave. They do this in three ways.

A. Say you have a ticket; however do not make you pay.
B. Allow you to book through a hotel manager, however when you arrive you do not leave.
C. Just let you do the process and do not allow you to leave.
D. The rain is an excuse presently.

Manana is the standard.

This is pure sugar alcohol I happened to see on the shelf, I asked,
“Como uso?”
How do they use?

She looked at me with the normal, it does not register in my head look, I then guessed.
“Por limpiar?”
To clean.

“Si, Bichos.”
Bugs or Mosquitoes more or less.

I asked,
“Para Tomar?”
To drink?

“Hace locos?”
They become crazy.

So this is also for drinking, there is not label on the bottle; this gave me the heads up on some local brew.

This Expat American sells the best granola type, sugar cakes, and for sure a gringo food.

This is a fare price or half the price of fare for this type of Gringo food, normally the price of anything made by Expats in the bread category cost more or the same as in the western countries. This sell for three Bolivians or maybe around .35 cents USA. Now compare that to Pringles that cost maybe 2.5 to 3 dollars and this is a great value for a hunk of food.

The mans name I believe is Ron, he has lived outside the USA for about 20 plus years, and to me is a missionary. I do not think he like that term, however he hands out religious materials to travelers in a very non-confrontive way, I believe he is the best source of information on the ins and outs of Rurrenabaque you can find in the city.

If you have had enough typical, then this is a great cheap snack.

Door Hasp or Door Chapa
I installed these two eyelet screws on the door, strangely this door really did not have a lock or only on the screen door. I try to be ready always to install this type of lock system. I never trust a hotel or the staff under any conditions, and more in the more expensive hotels, as the are the most dangerous, or the bigger risk of being robbed.