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2005-04-21 07:30:00

I receive many interesting and provocative emails from people from all over the world. This is great and sometimes taxing as the internet can be very anonymous.

However, this is a false belief that you are anonymous, I can track down almost to the computer where an email came from, I am sure the FBI or CIA, and these agencies have it down to a science better than me.

I would not say it is simple, however it is interesting and fun and I extracted these IP addresses from the HEADER of an email. Normally you have to expose the HEADER or the SOURCE in the email.

Here are some IP address.

TELL me where these are from, they are real?


This information if you can apply it will help you feel safer when using a credit card online or when dealing with companies. I open do a little test to see if the people writing me are telling the truth, I have no idea why, however they also say they are traveling when they are at home.