Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2005-03-24 05:58:00

I have never been excited about paying 40-50 U.S. dollars to join a club where I am leaving in 3 days and cannot use, but the South American Explorers Club in Cuzco may have a great reason now to join.

Lucy the very intense, but prefers full of passion for her job person showed me a board on the wall with...

All of South America is an Inca Trail, and when they want 150 to 400 dollars to walk in the wood this starts to be ridiculous. So for those of you that want to trek or walk in the wood and pay, personally I do not pay to walk in the wood, but there are many that feel some escape or thrill you can now do the same as the Inca Trail, but not pay the 300 dollars or whatever.

The reasons to do the Inca Trail are...
1. See nature.
2. Challenge yourself physically and mentally.
3. Chew coca leaves and believe they are medicinal and not a drug.
4. Have sex in tents with other travelers.
5. Learn that lots of youth smoke dope.
6. Girls can do the same in the tent with the porters or guides.
7. Learn almost nothing about the Quechua people, but maybe a little because the guides or porters are probably Quechua.
8. Avoid the real Quechua people.
9. Learn that you are city kid and never left the city, so anything green is good.
10. Learn that having a guide is not an exploration.
11. Learn about topographical maps.
12. Discover you smoke and drink too much for exercise.

It is better than doing nothing.

I am not sure why people trek or walk in the wood, I was farm boy and got paid to walk around on dirt.

But for those of you that wish this Inca maybe somewhat stage authenticity moment so you can TICK the list or check off some experience.

Pay the 50 U.S. to join the SAE Club, they have maps, explanations and trip experiences in the club, so this is a great savings over the Inca Trail tours. You need maps!

OK, enough of Inca Trail for now, I think people need to walk in the woods to avoid Peruvian people.

I live close to the San Pedro Market, lots of Quechua type people in the neighborhood, the Club is up in the San Blas area where they sell made for tourist life.

I personally believe to help the people of the world you need to go live with the people.

OK, join the club maybe in Quito, you can use 9 days.
Quito, Lima, and Cuzco
She says they are putting a club in Argentina.
I think the exploration area are are more towards Iquitos, Peru, or maybe Belen, Brazil, but I like to Explore and mabye this more about trekking.

Lucy on the right, much prettier than this picture, but I did bad on pictures of her.

The board of Inca Trail alternatives, they really should hide this from non-members so they get paid the dues...

The baby of the man and wife that made a new prototype backpack for me. I think the chair is a real piece of folk art.

Prototype number 4

I will still need number 5
This one is 90 percent there, but having trouble with the top.
Parts, materials, and all sorts of clips and such are not available.