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2005-03-27 06:34:00

Some photos before I start rambling.

These ladies all wear these top hats of sorts, I am not sure exactly why, however these are more or less a new cultural type thing, somewhere I hears a few hundred years ago someone came wearing a hat like this from Europe and the people copied the hat, it became the fashion and all the Quechua people wear the hats.

Fashion is an intricate part of a culture, people dress to be part of a culture, this is find and dandy, except when religious tribes place symbols on themselves to say the gang is different, and then it becomes dangerous if you are not part of the gang. Religious symbols are gang memberships, and if a gang will enforce its rules with violence, it is a gang, and not what should exist. Violence it to be used to stop the enforcement of violent rules of conduct.

This is a harmless form of fashion, except wearing these clothes keeps some of them from getting higher paying jobs.

Tried to get this girl to look, but it took too long.

I am wondering where this person is from, or what country? This is common in the whole world in bigger cities to dress up and stand like statues, now this has to be one of the most difficult ways in the world to make money, and for sure, they are not doing it only to make money, they need the attention. Acting is sort of a cry for attention, however so is writing, hmmm…


Tim this guy that worked with me used to repeat this phrase saying these are the most dangerous words in a business.

I wake early, I am hearing the sound of a cheap made in China clock they sell everywhere in the world for about 50 cents U.S. Beep, Beep, Beep, it finally registered what that distant sound was, it was an alarm. I think to myself, well someone has to get up early to go somewhere.

It if 5:00 am in the morning, they woke up about 4:30 am.

Next, I hear Richard the night worker get up and go knock on the door of some room, he is making a wakeup call, my next thought was,
“How stupid can you be?”

I have never missed a plane or a bus, I guess I did miss one bus in Playa de Carmen because this girl I was meeting to leave with spent all night getting drunk and she was late, she said the bus never leaves on time. This is not true; most buses do leave on time, and sometimes early. They leave when they are full.

A mother cooks your meal all of your life, one day you mother is gone, and what do you do?

You go to an expensive hotel and you tell them to give you a wake up call, then one day you live in a hotel that cost 4 dollars, what do you do, you tell them to give you a wake up call.

For some crazy reason hotels feel an obligation to wake people up, but personally I see no reason to trust anyone in South America when it come to issues of time. Manaña never comes, and does not exist.

My tip on: What doe Manaña mean?

What is my point?
I am trying to explain, situations change, and a person must change. This is not true, I am wrong; it is obvious that people do not change. What makes a person stay with a decision when they can see this is not the right decision?

The is nothing logical about humans, they will do the exact same thing every day of the week even though it causes them harm. If it causes enough pain, they will stop. How is it possible to learn and not have to experience pain or major threat of pain? It is possible for humans to learn in an elevated way, which will separate us from animals. I personally just believe humans are just an over glorified ape that wears clothing. There is nothing I observe that indicates we as the majorities are not apes. There are people in leadership that do seem like something different from apes, but the public mass seems to follow the cow in front of them, or the lemmings.

When you take a person out of their normal culture, all the rules change, and a person that can change, realizes, now the rules are changed. Tourist and travelers will change and suddenly adapt all the rules of a culture. What they forget to do is see where the rules are not working in some culture and not adapt.

When you look at every rule of society and see if it should apply or not apply, then maybe you are introspecting enough not be an ape.

Everyone thinks the Dali Lama from Tibet is some great person or something, I cannot see this person did anything good for the people of Tibet, but deprive the people of food, medicine, jobs, streets, highways, electricity, and everything so he would have money and live in his castle. However, you have to empathize with what it was like when he was inside Tibet and compare the feeling presently to thing about it, this takes putting yourself or your feeling in two time zones. What did it feel like 50 years ago to live here and what does it feel like now?

Therefore, the separation of humans and apes must lie in when we look at every decision we make and see if it should or should not apply. Making every decision independent of social pressure. This is what makes President Bush seem interesting to me, hard to have the whole world mad at you, and still keep on pushing.

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