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2005-03-06 17:23:00

It makes me so mad that this Italian journalist is alive, she deserves to be killed.

I was reading CNN and this story about their car going into a roadblock and getting shot is absurd, typical arrogance of the media. Thinking they are special and endangering lives.

I am postive it is their fault, and mostly the bodyguard.

I will tell you, there is nothing more obvious than a USA military checkpoint in Iraq, any normal taxi driver or person that was in anyway shape or form aware of the country would not have been shot. The big problem is they are too naive of dangerous travel to understand who to trust, they pay bodyguards that have no business doing the job.

His job was to protect this lady, and obviously he did not do his job, so he suffers.

I spend 35 days in Iraq and the one thing I am positive.
The journalist are wimps, they sit in hotels and fabricate stories, trying to make them as controversial possible to make themselves famous and to sell lies in the name of journalism.

I am not sure who are the biggest liars on the planet.

1. Journalist
2. Taxi Drivers
3. Used Car salesperson's

Next time, do not miss please. These soldiers are sitting targets, they do not need egotistical, arrogant journalist and bodyguards testing their metal.. It is impossible for me to believe this lady.

Me and Peter read a sign once as we seen the weaving between cement stoppers entering a stop.
It said,
Caution, beyond this point deadly force will be used.

We asked an Iraqi person what it said,
He said,
"If you go beyond here we kill you."

So be it, good job soldiers, doing your job, risking your life.