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2005-03-23 06:33:00

I am off today to meet with the director of the South American Explorers Club, I am not sure what we will talk about, but I thought it could be one of them impromptu non clean interview by me of them... hehehe

So at 9:00 I hope she is on Western World Time and not Peruvian time schedules I will meet and discuss the world of Explorers... Maybe I qualify, maybe I do not?

I wrote this club and they said I was not an explorer, go figure.... hehehe?

Well life is an adventure.

I wrote the South American Explorer Club asking or trying say I would like to talk to them about how we could work together.

I was sort of laughing... I think she believe I want to advertise on their website.

Dear Andy,
Thank you for you email. I could meet you either Tuesday or Wednesday at 9am at Qorichaska Hostal to discuss opportunities for publicity on our website. Please confirm which day would be most suitable.

hmmm... maybe I said this wrong..?

The problem is my website has and alexa.com ranking of about 45,862 and the Club as a ranking of about 752,292 so maybe I can sell her advertising...
Isn't life fun.



EXPLORERS.ORG - I don't qualify.... hehehe

None of the is that accurate, just a guide, and guide are right and guides are wrong, but in the end just a guide.

Mis-communications, presumptions, delusions, and just plain having fun.
Thanks to all the good Gods of the world.

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