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2005-03-12 09:03:00

I walk down the sidewalk in Cusco, Peru, a person walks towards me, I think they will move over to share the small sidewalk, instead they do not change, they walk right into me, BUMP or I have to walk off the sidewalk, which can be a little dangerous as the road is only wide enough for a horse drawn carriage and the sidewalk idea came later.

So there is a constant bumping of bodies, I am always wondering and trying to pinpoint the reasons, is there a primitive more basic life mannerism that says it is not important and we should just bump, has the more developed societies learned or unllearned this behavior?

Nonetheless I am about a foot taller than most people, so the bump they receive is more than I receive. This can be annoying and dangerous for older people or small people.

Here is a tip I wrote years ago about this annoyance.

Here is a list of annoyances around the world, please add some if you wish with the form at the bottom of page.

There is a difference between annoyances and danger, and if you live in a Five Star you are probably there because you really do not want to know the people.