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2005-03-08 07:16:00

I am confused, I think this is a correct design for a solar hot water system, however this is not on the roof of my Hostal. (That is spelled correct for Peru) The hot water heater is higher than the solar collection panel.

Arequipa, Peru is full of places with solar energy, but that does not mean it is working good, here is my rendition of the correct way to set up a... my opinion of course, looking for help.
Hot Water Tank as storage and heater when low on hot water.

They pump the water from the street level normally or a well up to the top of building.

The water flows to the panel, now I would put a very large coil of black tube on the roof and forget about the expensive panel.

The water flows down to into the cold water entrance of the hot water heater, then comes out hot.

If the water is already hot it just adds more hot, but sort of pre-heats the water for the electric heater.

The hot water tank serves as storage.NOTE- The shut of the electricity all night to the electric heater. To me this is when it should be on from about 3 to 6 in morning.

PLEASE tell me the errors of my ways, keep to solar heat please, add comments in comments link on the blogger page.