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2005-03-25 06:33:00

Technology is approaching the possibility of recording every movement I make, however I find I need to learn and adapt to utilize this technology.

I am making changes in my Hobo life of how I record my trip, and present the trip to my readers. New and better cameras have made it possible to take both still photos and videos faster than I can post them to the internet. I suppose that is not true, the problem is filing and making the information makes sense.

1. I make the photo record of the day.
2. I save the days photos on my computer.
3. I convert the names of the photos to a sequence or place in folders in chronological file system. 4. Publish the photos to internet in an internet cafe.
5. Create pages by a CTR H or replace the folder name in already made photo pages.
6. Label the photos or make captions.
7. Publish the pages to internet in an internet cafe
8. Post to blog or newsletter in the internet café.

I believe it is a possible to shorten this to where I can place all the photos in a folder, they become pages, and then all I have to do is label the photos.

I am sure some of you are aware there are online systems already that allow you to post photos in this manner, and then you can send the links of these photos to your friends.

Here are some photos of Senegal or somewhere, I have not looked the photos because I believe you need to register. I am afraid of Spam as much as the next, and maybe more. However, I do not register to look at people photos, especially not for a company that is making money off my friend. I think you can post photos free in and anyone can view. Peter put his Iraq photos up; I think it took many days for him to do this though.

This is one system to post photos:

These links are not search engine friendly, this means they do not get index good, and really only makes the company money because they can hook advertising into their system. The goal is to capture your permission to email you!

Me and Andrew the boy genius from India that helps me do techie type things or make techie toys are working together to hopefully allow readers for free to post their photos and have a blog.

If all works out, it will walk then slow through the process where they can have their own website and more or less do the same as I do, however, only needing to have the ability to write emails and attach photos. Trust me I want to do it this easy also, I want my life simpler and the internet less confusing, so the I can take some photos, write and email or two and enjoy travel.

Now, if we can make it so people can record their lives, will it be a better world? On the other hand, will everyone fill up the world with massive amounts of worthless clutter? No matter what, someone is interested in your life.