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2005-03-31 12:07:00

This man came into the Hotel and was trying to sell these little boats, I think they are suppose to be like the old boats on Lake Titacaca. It is sad to me that this older man must work until he dies, I am not sure of the exact status of Bolivia with pensions and such, but normally most countries have zero way for people to live when they are older. This causes them to have 10 babies so maybe, just maybe one of them will help take care of them.

I purchased one for 15 Bolivianos or about 2 dollars U.S.
I will give it to someone in the Hotel.

Lack of pensions is probably the biggest social problem on the planet and causes unwanted babies, starvation, killing of babies, and all sorts of down the line problems.

As an example in Europe, the population growth is starting to shrink because there is so much free money.

This person was carrying wood in Cusco, Peru. This is a sign of development of lack of development.

Backpack Prototype NUMBER 5

I am close, real close to having the perfect backpack…! I made another in Cusco and now I am in La Paz trying to by some better parts for the bag, hopefully I will make about 50 to sell.


I received this email from a friend.

Hey Andi !
I´m back from Thailand , but it was a nightmare.
My friend had a very, very bad motorcycle accident near Pai ( 120km from Chiang Mai) in the first week. She is still at the ICU in Bangkok.Her son is still with her. Everything at the whole body is broken. But she can be happy, that she survived this. She got hit by a truck.
so I´m trying to get back in normality .

I have talked many times about the danger of walking along the road or driving in other countries. There is nothing more dangerous than the vehicles in other countries. A bus or trains are the safest forms of transportation other than an Airplane for miles traveled. Rental cars and motorcycles are killers.

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