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2005-03-28 10:11:00

This girl is from Colombia, she is an Attorney and is working in Lima, Peru. It is interesting and what is really great about not being in the USA. I walked into the hotel, she was sitting at a table eating breakfast, and I said,
"You look beautiful today,"
She said,
"Thank you."

Nice to have women like to be women, and appreciate a genuine compliment.
No walking on eggshells here.

Colombia Girl.

This was a probably a tour group, making a last minute purchase of padding. These crazy obnoxious people came into a shop where I was trying to buy backpack parts and started to contruct sleeping bag pads for a tent in the middle of the floor.

Manners and being on time are not part of the culture, so I decided to show the very not organized tour groups.

Strange, when there are so many poor people, or supposed to be so many with so few job, yet there are quite few of these signs around Cuzco.