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2005-03-01 07:51:00

I attended the Berkman or Harvard Blog club, or something like that, it is located in the Cambridge area and I am confused on how to define it, but for sure it full of extremely intelligent bodies, all talking about the blogosphere or I am out of the loop, not sure what they call the process of online journals or blog.

Well, the crew of Nightline filmed the meeting, so it is possible I could be on TV, because I attended and did not hide or really could not hide. I really wanted to learn about the group, so my no photo perspective was compromised. Well I am not sure when it will be on, and for sure I HAVE NO IDEA IF I AM in the show. But for sure they pointed that big camera at me, making very nervous.

This group at Cambridge has a discussion newsletter that post a LOT:
One of these links will lead you either into confusion or brilliance.