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2005-03-25 06:39:00

I am pretty sure this is good Friday, although here in Cusco, Peru it is called Semana Santa or something to the week of saints I believe.

On this day they killed Christ maybe 1975 years ago, I am not sure how old he was when they killed him, but the dates start on the day he was born.

Christ on the Cross was painted by the 17th-century Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens in 1620

So here is a guy that got Crucified.

Cruces in Spanish means cross, I guess this mean they killed him on a cross, it sound a little more dramatic, but nonetheless he died a cruel type death.

There is a play on word, but the crucial point here which I never can understand why they say in hard to understand terms or in my interpretation of this even its something like this.

Christ was a God of sorts, and agreed to be killed and suffered as a real person would suffer, pain, anger, frustrations all them temptations etc and then went to heaven to be with his father.
This is why they keep repeating the phrase, he died on the cross so we can be forgiven of our sins.

This is the deal made, he agrees to suffer, the God his father agrees to grant from that day forward mercy to people.

So there are guilty people always on the planet of sinning.

These person are granted freedom.
The will not be punished by being thrown into Hell if…
They ask for forgiveness.

So mercy is granted if you ask for forgiveness, the deal Christ made was to suffer the pain of death, then his father agrees to grant mercy.

Confusing, and hard for me to see that a God dying but not dying forever is quite the same as dying. However a deal was made on this day and from that day one as best I can understand this situation all persons that ask for forgiveness are forgiven, no questions asked.

Now, the kicker is this, if you to not repent, and change, then really the deal is removed. Repent mean you must stop and change.

Repent: Change ways: to feel regret about a sin or past actions and change your ways or habits

“The road to salvation is long and narrow like a razors edge.”

Paraphrase of Somerset Maugham or maybe Bill Murray in the Movie the Razors Edge.

Hehehe this is the good part or the intriguing part about asking for forgiveness and being forgiven. If you repeat being a bad boy, then you fall of the edge of the razor. This is the interesting and fatal error of confession, not changing…

However if this does not make people uncomfortable nothing will, talking about religion is fun, sort of like saying to people, lets have some fun, lets admit that we are not perfect….

What happens is nobody wants to think about all the guilt they have on their backs, much easier to just evade the issue. Oh well I am having fun and that makes my day. I am sure today I will do some small thing that makes me feel guilty.

I will be weighed and measured by my intentions in life.


What is a real quandary for me is why a person is not willing to forgive themselves, are they really that bad?

Can you say to yourself three times.
Nothing to do with God!

I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.

Feel better or did you choke?

I said that a few 1000 times after I stopped drinking.

Life is good!
Andy of in Cuzco, Peru