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2005-03-14 17:28:00

I found this plastic pitcher used to heat water, I decided to tear it apart, I can hear my mother saying,
"Andy always tears things apart to see how they work!"

Ok, I want to see if I can take this heater and install it on travel bottle.

Here is page with a lot of photos of travel type bottles. Took a second look at the page, these will leak in your bag, I am trying to show the size, these are the right size and this is the first page I came to... do not buy, I am not recommending, just to let you get the idea.

So here I am tearing apart this brand new pitcher for heating water. I have this looking like it is ok, but I have already torn the bottom out, no worries only 10 soles or maybe 3 dollar U.S.A. but curiosity has a price.

This is the heating element, I am wondering if I can install this on a travel bottle, the goal is bring the water to a boil for purification and coffee, chi, tea, as you wish. No good for rice because the burner is in the water and would get all messed up.

A door lock in my hotel, the big swinging handle enters the hole in the round device. It does not work or they are not using, the drilled a hole in the rod so you can use a padlock.