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2005-03-13 08:42:00

One of the greatest parts about being in Cuzco being able to go the big Quechua market, buy a couple of chicken breast, come back to the Hostal or Hospedaje and cook the chicken. That much protein in one spot if wonder in these cheap to live countries.

I am in the Quorichaska Hostal on Nueva Alta and it safe, secure, and the kitchen is free, but only moderately clean. However if you pretend you are camping and out cooking, it is a lot better than a camp fire. Free bread and jam in the morning with kick a.. strong coffee, or Coca Tea.

I never feel safe until I can have my own padlock on the door, private toilet for 20 Soles, about 6 dollars U.S.

These new pop-up blockers, security by Explorer is killing the ability to use a spell checker with I click on one wrong dialog in Spanish and I lose my blog. I have to copy, so I can try again, or risk losing.