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2005-03-19 06:49:00

Walking through the Quechua market I met this interesting man, he proceeded to ask me where I was from... Instantly he start saying the government needs help.

Well, I had to ask, do you mean the USA or the Peruvian government? This conversation was in Spanish so I try to repeat and clarify in a few different ways. What I believe he was saying is that he wants the USA government to interfere with the Peruvian government to stop them from keeping the Campesinos or Quechua type people down.

There is a subtle, extremely difficult to understand, subversive type restraint on these people, on the other hand these people are not direct and do not ask me what they want. They are subservient in nature, passive and maybe they are aggressive in a passive aggressive way.

Hard to say, I do know the Mestizo population does not include them, on the other hand I think the Campesinos want money, and if you ask them or included them, hard to know, but my gut is like an employer asking employees how to make the company better, they will answer in a self serving way and say, pay me more money. That is not a way to make more money for the company so they can pay more, that is failure to empathize.

Injustice is solved by a good photographs and public shaming of anyone that is misbehaving, we can put them all in stocks in the middle of the Cuzco Plaza de Armas.

But first a person has to take a photo of people doing the abuse, or injustice, explain the injustice and send it to the press with collaborating evidence. With world news sources from outside the country now entering the country over TV and the internet a great uncovering of injustices can reach the world pretty easy.

Do the research for the Journalist, I find they need lots of help, very lazy people, except when it comes to trying to make themselve famous.

He talks about injustice, then want the USA to interfere, while the rest of the world wants the USA to not intefere, always the same...
I start to take a photo so he digs out his violin.
He want me to photograph an advertisement for Ormeno buses.

Just too cute.

A girl of 17 followed me around for about 20 minutes, I kept pointing out tourist with more money than sense, but she said... it is easier to sell to one person than a group. I thought well, she does know how to sell her product. Funny part is she does not have anything I want to purchase, everyone make the same and sell the same.

Along the side of the church or some building on the way to San Blas street full of touristy restaurants is this 12 side stone. Laid into the wall, now that is a feat, maybe in my perspective much more than Machu Picchu.

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