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2005-03-19 07:12:00

There are lots of rivers in the Amazon basin, but many start from the mountains of Bolivia and lead all the way to the ocean in Brazil.

This is the start of the Amazon, and really the Amazon River starts in thousands of locations at the same time as a small trickle of water leave the sponge of earth called a mountain and lets go of the water that become a trickle, than a ripple of water, a small current, then converges to a big tube of water called a stream or river.

Well, down in Bolivia are some big starts, I am wondering and trying to find a good or maybe what the farthest point I can go up river and start on the Amazon. Maybe I can talk Peter who is in Argentina to join me, we could work our say from Bolivia to Brazil to Peru to Iquitos, Peru then stop. I have no good maps of the whole river, so someone send me links to river maps please. I know there are so-called adventure books about this trip, but who know what the mean, hyperbole... is rampant.