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2005-02-05 19:02:00


Reality and new reports have very little correlation.

My good friend Chris sent me this article explaining that Taipei is going wireless and talking about the around the Subway to be first. I can see a subway entrance from my window, plus I can also see a default wifi connection on my computer. There is a wifi in the Hostel, however there is no way to connect to any of them. My new friend Computer Science major from Quebec cannot get them to connect either.

Maybe this is a complete pay to play systems like the Airports.

Airports have these wireless connections, that you need to use a credit card to access and pay a lot of money. Like 20 times the normal city rate, so I always pass on them, but think about it, but I am not going to put a credit card on a web site just to have an internet connection for one hour or more. Seems a little on the dangerous side, I have not discovered these countries to be secure, and for that matter I would not trust the USA much with a credit card on the internet. Still a world of scammers, spoofers, hackers, and too smart for their britches computer techies, that cannot do something great, all FLASH and no real professionalism yet.

But the world if full of hype and not much reality between what you read on the internet yet and what I encounter in this real travel life of mine.

Note you people staying in the Hyatt 5 Star Hotels are not inside the country, it is a cave for western cultures to avoid the country. You know, do not leave the resort life.