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2005-02-05 19:54:00

I am having a huge snicker or laugh at myself.

I am going to go to Peru on the 20th of February, my friend

and his complete family is coming along, and maybe miscellaneous Germans. They keep writing me information that they have received from people by email or read of the internet.

I have caught myself saying or writing to them more than once.

1. Stop reading pages on the internet.

Here is am with a large travel site... hehehehe

2. Read the Lonely Planet guidebook.

Aaach my nemesis and my constant companion.

I disagree with the liberal aspects of the Lonely Planet

but as you would or should be able to tell, I read use it.

3. Too funny.

They received an email from someone with an email account.

I was walking back to my room saying,

"Darn, who would listen to anybody on travel with an AOL account?"

Real Travelers do not have AOL accounts.

Real travelers have one or these, note I do not even trust my own account. is my choice for emails, I do not trust my hosting to keep my emails safe.

I found my own traveler prejudices on what a traveler is or is not

closing my brain, but so what... hehehe.

What a laugh.

Me telling a person not to use the internet.

Me telling a person to go buy a Lonely Planet or they are being silly.

Rating the quality of advice on a person having an AOL account.

Life is fun.