I went into the city of Boston to oogle over the cameras in best buy, then ended up not finding the waterproof Sony DCS U60 I wanted, but did get one the best paparazzi type cameras around. I purchased a set of binoculars that take photos, so I just pretend to be looking to the distance and take a picture.

However, I talked with a few Mexican buying clothes, a man from Haiti and a woman from Dominican Republic in Sears. Tried my best to chat up this Chinese girl on the escalator, it was great fun, I am not shy when I hear the accent, I break the PC politically Correct rules and say,
"Were are you from?"

They know what I mean, which country, and we begin a fun and educational conversation.

The girl in Ritz Cameras was from Morocco and full on Islamic, I spent an extra 15 minutes buying the binocular camera. I showed her my jacket from Morocco, she said is was cheap, I said, I know, but I am a bum, so I buy cheap. She was very helpful, but said to me, that I could get arrested for taking photos of people in Morocco, I say....
But that is why I am buying binoculars, what a great way to be paparrazi.
79 Dollar, I think they are made by Meade, something to do with tennis the girl said.

I had fun, but when you speak French to one, Spanish to the other, and I forget where the Brazil person was, but Fala Porteguesa with her, do I need to travel the world to meet other cultures or open my eyes and see.

My friend Gary and his family are Germanic, a little linear, as we go together to Peru they will realize that nothing goes as planned in South America, so why plan?

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