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2005-02-20 06:18:00

These page are photos of future newsletter photos, they will change over time but for anyone who wants to see what I am seeing daily... Note I do not have time to label them as fast as I put them up, but they will be labeled by the time they are in the newsletters.

Note the photos are smaller than the ones in my normal newsletters, I am hoping these smaller photos and fewer pictures per page will make the dial up users lives easier to load. I know their lives are slower than the high speed people so relax we are in the middle somewhere.

Any suggestions on size would be appreciated, click on contact above...

Techie question?
If you read this in an aggregator is it possible to click on the contact link? I do not know how to use an aggregator. I suppose if you cannot then write me at:


Make this into an email, I do this to stop the spammers from auto collecting my email from my page... hehehe