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2005-02-26 16:34:00

My new friend and reader of the blog about Machu Picchu sent an email...

RICHARD WROTE - Note I cannot find how to make the quotation marks on the keyboard.

Andy, I enjoy your messages. I did not understand what you were saying re the Inca Trail. One the one hand you say it is difficult, and later say it's easy. I hope to go there this year so I am curious??.... Edit, Safe travels. Richard R

Richard is astute and fast it seems, yes that is a contradiction, but how do I explain all is both a yes and a no, however here goes.

The trail is laid out like a park sidewalk made of stone, so it is easy, simple, not question you are on the path, sign, bridges, no worries, very safe.

However would you walk with no way back maybe 10-20 miles up and down a mountain with no preparation or exercise. The danger is how do you get down if you have a real problem.

So there is no adventure, no exploration, nothing out of the normal, just a very long walk to Disneyland as another reader called it. The walk is a walk in the mountains, the Inca empire is the present day Quechua Indians, this is the people now, but the Inca Empire spread from lower Colombia to upper Chile and included Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador. All the present road were in my estimation are Inca trails, the trail is just a nice hike. Machu Picchu though and the very rapidly growing city of Aguas Calientes make this place one of the most beautiful place on earth in my view. Aguas Calientes is wonderful.