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2005-02-13 09:15:00

Sunday 3:40 or 4:40 AM February 13, 2005

I am on the plane between Los Angeles and Boston, I will have crossed about 12 times zones by the time I arrive in Boston, therefore I am not sure what time it is, I will land around 6:30 Boston, time. I could tell you the exact time I will arrive or what the present time is, but it is not important, I will arrive when I arrive and that will be the time.

I cannot remember the name but they have my family culture on TV, not the show but the fact that my parents watch this show every night. I think the name is something about Raymond. Then right after that was the David Letterman show, he is from Indiana so I am now in my home culture.

I think I am super traveler some days, but when I feel the elation of feeling the safety and comfort of my home culture I am reminded of my inability to stop being a fallible human. I am normal, weak, and temperamental and full of homesickness type desires the same as any person that leave home. I do miss home sometime; this is maybe why watching a television in my room can be comforting.

I was saying there was some grunting man in the Taipei, Airport that bad ambassador of Asian culture followed me onto the plane and I had the unlucky position of listening to him grunt a half-clearing throat sound.

Now three fat Americans snoring surround me, so…

Same Same, but different.