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2005-02-06 20:40:00

I am having a big squeak in the hinges of my laptop. When I hope and close the thing it makes noise. It worry me because I know eventually the plastic will break like another laptop I owned.

This page says WD40 is good or I think the key stuff would be possible, I am being very cautious, do not want to gum up the computer keys.

That page is good, but I am trying to find something in the grocery store to use... hehehe I must remind myself to do this when I am in the USA.

I love internet sites, they are always great solutions that work great in the USA and the rest of world huge problems.

The biggest joke in the world is to buy them cooking gas containers to cook food when you are camping, people bring them or buy them and find they are worthless in other countries. Like trying to buy a backpacker water bottle in Taiwan, yes probably possible and after looking for two days and spending tons of money on subways and taxis you will be able to drink water with your handy dandy backpacker bottle made of reinforced plastic. I would carry a bottle of water and not worry, they sell them on every corner of the world.