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2005-02-05 00:02:00

I suppose an old time internet guy like me can too confident, then I try to do too much. I am here in Taipei, Taiwan learning.

Internet Humility or...

Computer Humility

There is a free internet connection in my Hostel, but nobody knows how to connect so far, I become afraid to proceed because the instructions are in Chinese characters. Hard to load a small progrm on the computer when you cannot read the screen.

So I will slowly I hope push my way through the process, and put some photos up, or I will hand around and do all this typing in real time, so less thought out typing and more just me typing.

Second difficult problem is the DLink USB flash drive of mine will not connect to the computer I can use, so I have nothing but the computer. There are downloads or drivers that will help me, but on a Chinese computer in a Chinese country the words are all in Chinese, hard to change. So the bottom line is.. my computer is

All Chinese to me.