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2005-02-18 13:48:00

I went last night and visited the…. Gee, I am not sure the clear name of this web log group. They are part of Harvard, at Harvard, on Massachusetts Avenue or in Cambridge, I do not know much, I was a passenger.

Well, I am too lazy to research too much,
Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog

I am sure there is a mission, goals, and words like that, however for sure it was an educational and interesting night.

Gary, my friend from High School and me arrived on time, and then soon became late for the group while taking a tour of the Cambridge area searching for one parking spot that was not reserved. In the end, I had to bribe a gas station attendant from another culture ten dollars for two hours parking, but I do now know a lot of the small streets and the area very well.

Nonetheless we arrived a late, and I see through the windows, I say,
“There are cameras inside.”
Gary says,

He has potential to think like a techie.

I am in small panic, I work very hard to keep my photo off internet pages and normally it is pure accident when there are on my site, so to walk into a room with cameras pointed like an RPG makes me nervous.
(Rocket Propelled Grenades)

We missed the introductions and I am still rather clueless, but I am Indiana born and not Harvard born, so what do you expect, but nonetheless I think it was ABC TV, maybe local maybe National, but I have to keep reading and exploring. There was a guy that was the personality on board, but I never could figure out his name.

I think it buried in these post or links, follow up if you want, I guess they are public.

I am in a learning curve yet on the camera I used, I purchased or found the Sony Waterproof USC U60 a camera they said was discontinued already, go figure. Nonetheless, I have photos and as soon as I become smarter than the camera, I will post the most conspicuous.