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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2005-02-19 06:29:00

Maybe the correct term is Berkman Center, but I am still lazy on terms, definitions and labels, try to be intuitive please.

What 10 Dollars donated to the attendant gets you, 2 hours parking, this is a huge problem in this area of Cambridge, on Mass Ave. for us non-intelligent types, or non-parking knowledgeables.

ABC Television crew for I am 90 percent sure Nightline.

My best photo of the group from my new Sony DSC U60 Camera that I am using now, that for sure Sony should have donated to me, but instead I paid....
NOTE: Sony Send MONEY, please, Thank You.

The Nightline Host or this interviewer that I have yet to learn his name, as best I can tell he assumed we knew his name, I still am lost two days later, I asked a couple of people at the food tables, but they did not know, then we left as he arrived so I did not get to talk with him or even try to chat with or up to his is female smiling to me assistant... hehehe

We left because I did not want Garys car to get towed in the event of sudden need for gas station parking at 11:00 PM, or sudden changes in the mood of the attendant. I must have seen 50 Tow signs in the area.

The photo is BAD because I purchase new batteries 2 hours before at a convenience store, I think they were the fake duracells. The manager was from the a sub-continent area where they have lots of copies, I wonder? Is there an importation of fakes?