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2005-02-22 14:03:00

I made it to Cusco with the eight other newly indoctrinated Hoboes, not sure what that means, but for sure they have left home. There are four adults and four children in the group.

I am worried about this situation, the trip went well, and nobody really had any serious problems. American Airlines has embarrassed me by misplacing my bag in Miami. (I am embarrassed because this is my country, the USA.)

No one that boarded the train in Boston and transferred to the Lima flight had their bag when they arrived in Lima. I am 80 percent confident it will show up in Cuzco in the next few days, but as of now, I am living with a very small amount of clothing, and almost all of my normal electronic equipment. I am adapting very fast to this problem, I have no serious loss if the bag never arrives in Peru.

Not sure what to say about American Airlines or the USA in general, when I survey my memory of flying on planes, the major baggage problems are in the USA, and not in the rest of the world. There is a large domestic market in the USA and zero domestic market in the rest of the world. My personal belief is the baggage crews do not take baggage serious, they believe that if they do not get it on the next flight than they can always send later to the person’s home. This is in a way ok in the USA, but I do not live in the USA, I live now in Cuzco, or I live where I go next.

I knew there were some problems when the pilot when trying to park the plane in Miami came on the speaker saying,
“I am sorry, but again we are only 50 feet away from the gate, but there is nobody here to park us, I have radioed them six times and still we are sitting here waiting for support to park the plane.”

I am embarrassed at the inability of the USA to demand perfection, for sure, Miami is a now a Latino culture, but this scares me as to whether the USA can compete with China. Europe is not a problem as they are worst than the USA, but China and Asia has no problem demanding perfection or the employees lose their jobs. The only saving grace for the USA presently is that Asia does not know what perfection is, maybe Japan does, but the save face culture sabotages perfection in many ways. I was especially annoyed and worried about the staff in American when an older female Airline Attendant hollered at a man for put his feet up on the jump seat next to the exit. She was not patient and kind, and jumped him in a manner that was unacceptable, he finally told her to get her face out of his face. It was terrible to see as an older woman that should be in a different job, obviously, there was no fear on her part of losing her job for being rude to passengers. Note that all the USA domestic carriers are the same more or less.

We are staying as a group in what could be the wrong hotel; I am very concerned because of problems yesterday. There is a denial maybe of the fact of life about this situation, but my gut says they will not be happy until they are living in a 30-70 dollar a night hotel. I am going to have a talk with the adults today, everyone is say all if fine, but we have people refusing to eat or use toilets. Not liking a situation is different from a refusal.
Touchy situation as these are family situations and not just a bunch of backpackers living on mommas money.

I am in a debate, shall I take them down to the real Peru level of life and show them the facts of life, or shall I put them in the resort and keep them away. A delusion of life is ok as long as the delusion is never broken. Nobody has expressed any opinions on the people, only talking about nature. Sort of like going on Safari in Africa so, you do not have to see the people.

I know I can take them into a world they may never see again in their life, where 80 percent of the people live on the planet. Let them peek, get every disgusted, and then put them back in the resort. Pizza, toilet seats, and only English, I believe I should have a talk with the adults today, try to make some decisions.