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2005-02-13 09:13:00

10:01 PM Saturday January 12, 2005

I have been stamped and approved, passed out of China into the No-Mans-Land area of waiting for a plane to leave. My China Airlines flight leaves at around 11:30 so I am right on schedule.

Extremely modern airport here complete with water fountain that works, Rolex watches, moving belts, a floor clean enough to eat on. I purchase some peanut M&M’s from the duty free shop for 170 Taiwan Dollars or maybe 5.50 U.S. I do not think you could pay more for M&M if you tried, but that is the nature of Duty-free, nothing is cheap, but it is duty free. He wanted my passport again, I said I pay cash and I eat them. The man let me have them with no passport, I do not like to give my passport in exchange for candy, and I cannot imagine why M&Ms should be considered a customs item.

I only have 150 more Taiwan Dollar to throw away somehow; I was luck and change 2000 when I was outside of no-mans-land, but held back 300 because I could not be certain I did not have to pay an airport exit tax. Nonetheless, when I did not pay an exit tax, I had 300 left. Could have purchased a black XXL T-shirt from the Duty-Free but who wants a black T-Shirt? I have not been able to snag a T-shirt here with the word Taiwan on it, I think I could get English name very easy.

It is later, but there is NO place to eat, all have closed in normal fashion.

Aagh, there is some China person that keep grunting; I am about ready to ask him if it includes Karate chops. He is fat, so I suspect not.

Therefore, I can buy Rolex watches and Duty free M&Ms, but cannot buy a bag of Lays potato chips, not even overpriced Pringles.

This would be a good airport to sleep in because they have electrical plugs and bench seat with no arms to stop you from laying down and stretching out in comfort.