Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2005-02-12 05:42:00

I leave at about 11:30 this night from Taipei, Taiwan for Los Angeles, then change plane for Boston. I will arrive on the 13th in Boston early.

Life is good in Taiwan, although I am going to wait until I get to the USA to buy a cheap sweatshirt at this capital city is expensive for food and seems to be clothes. Hard to say, I am in a very large metropolis area, I hope the prices are cheaper in normal parts of country. This is double of Thailand.

I stayed at the Taiwanmex Hostel, very good people, happy and they have a color TV, free internet. Mostly English teachers from Korea living here and a few scattered travelers.

This is centrally located close to Subway and Train Stain so great situation.

The Hostel is located next to the ZhongShan underground train stop.'
(MRT)(In English say JongShan)

Address: 2-F 18-1Lane 18Nanjing W. Rd

Inside country of from Taipei: 02-5552-9798
Outside with Country code: 886-2-5552-9798
FAX: 886-2-5552-9788
EMAIL: taiwanmex AT
Mobile Telephone: 0938073528

I paid 400 Taiwan Dollar for a bed or about 13 U.S.
A dorm bed is 300, safe cozy and met a lot of people so great for the indepedent travelers.