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2005-01-16 18:40:00

There is a comment on life.

"Perfection is a process not an event."

Well, I have now installed a web cam on Khao San Road and it is not an event, it is a process. The process or evolution of this project is annoying to me.

Everyone involved seems to believe the world is perfect, so you set this camera up, it is simple, connect and the world will see the camera working properly. However they are comparing the web cam they use with Yahoo Messenger or Hotmail. This is a a one to one camera situation and one channel. This is more difficult because we wish to have unlimited people look at the camera.

So the camera is down and has stopped while I was sleeping, there is no way to enter the office to reset the camera so I must wait until the staff of the internet cafe comes and opens the office. Andrew is still asleep.

So the camera is on and off, I was hoping desperately that I could get this camera to work correctly and I could take one to Phuket to search for a great place to view the reconstruction after the Tsunami. Today is another day and hopefully a few more steps towards perfection. So one day at a time and I will eventually walk to the goal.