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2005-01-28 20:26:00

Saturday January 29, 2005 6:00 AM

What can you say; foods are needed, but when you travel all the time restaurants start to become annoying. However, what is even more annoying is that the more or pay the worst the quality.

I have entered kitchens where the meals cost 100 dollars a plate and I as normal sit at roadside or homegrown restaurants. I have not discovered a great difference between cleanliness, so I like the roadside one because the kitchen is open for me to inspect. I like to watch the cook.

Nevertheless, food, why, why, why do I have to pay a lot of money for tasteless and bad food?

Thailand doe one thing very good, they copy anything, very little real creative juices flying around, but they are very good at copying. I was in Krabi with Andrew, a man from India, in the Rapala they had an Indian Menu along with their other foods. This menu was a book, and there were seven people in the restaurant. This worries me, there is no way to prepare and have all the food on the menu fresh and ready to serve when there are only seven clients. A roadside food stall has maybe 5-10 things on the menu and they do 5-10 foods very good. However, the large tourist Hotels in Bangkok or mostly on Khao San Road have a menu that is a book and nothing is high quality. Cheaper is better.

Here are two photos of chicken fried rice to show the difference. The food at the cheap place is extremely better in taste, quality; spice, flavor, and the cheap one even give you chopstick if you wish. The vegetable are abundant or peppers and such.



A lot of white rice...

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