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2005-01-11 19:50:00

6:29 AM, Wednesday January 12, 2005

I am moving into the Sawasdee Smile Inn today, it is half the price of the D & D Inn. I will miss the swimming pool of the D & D, but I am very tan and brown, so no worries I am up to speed on my work of being Tan.

I stay in the Sawasdee Smile Inn regularly and it is probably one of the best values for an independent travelers. They have single rooms for 240 Baht with Cable TV, it is a shared shower, however it has a hot shower.

Note that this is the same Sawasdee that treat my one Thai friend with no respect and I had to go look for another hotel. But this is pretty good place for a couple of guys.

Behind the Wat or Buddhist Temple and on the small road leading to the Palace.