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2005-01-20 04:52:00

I am on Railly Beach near Krabi Town or Ao Nong beach in Thailand. The place is the prettiest beach I have visited in Thailand. It is not the best beach, but it is the best surroundings. Limestone mountains or pillars meeting the ocean. Sitting in the Rapala Guesthouse on top of the world it is easy to relax.

This place is very empty and for the most part was not severely damaged. The damage that is done now is the result of the media painting a picture of devastation that makes all of this coast of Thailand off limits to tourist. Ao Nong, Krabi and the precious Railey beach are up and running waiting for tourist, the place needs tourist. Good time to come because they have discounted the price of all the hotels.

The news on Koh Phi Phi is sketchy, I am told and believe that the tourist boat will resume on the 25th of January to Koh Phi Phi. They have stopped this boat until the clean up is finished. I am told by two tourist that were scuba diving off the island of Koh Phi Phi and were on the island that most of the concrete hotels survived but a lot of the bamboo structures were demolished. I watch though one time in Goa India while they put up 10 of them in a week.

Me and Andrew will wake at 5:30 AM and catch the early boat to Ao Nong or Krabi town where we will hopefully get to the new pier in Krabi and catch what we hear is a boat at 8:30 that will take us for 200 baht to Koh Phi Phi. The only other sure way of going to the island is to pay 7000 bath or about 175 dollar for a private boat. All of the Thail speedboat people and long tail drivers in Krabi town are trying their very best to tell stories and rake the money from Travelers. The Thai lie is in full force.