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2005-01-05 22:39:00

Thursday January 6, 2005 8:01

Just finished the free breakfast here at the D & D Hotel on Khao San Road, I think I am on a splurge and life is very good. I was lucky enough to get a room for 450 Baht, which is 200 Baht more than I normally pay. But I am rationalizing a lot of things and thought.

Breakfast is free.

HBO and other movie channels are free.

Swimming pool is free.

This means I can save 100 Baht for food per day, and I actually eat some protein concentrated in the form of 5 eggs.

This means with the pooI can save on the 100 Baht I would spend walking around, and because I have nothing to so I …

Buy things.

Use the internet for pastime.

Buy a iced drink at 7-11, I want to type the correct word, but the word processor will not allow me, and the word is now slurped. What to do when technology works against you… Ignore it and hope it goes away.

I will stay here for a few days and work on a lot of projects, web cam, web page, buying coffee maker. Doing lots of a strange collection of projects, I will just need to keep busy with a thought.


7:16 Thursday January 6, 2005

I am in Bangkok in a nicer hotel, on second thought I was not sure why there were room available. I have these qualms as to why sometimes the world is not full of NGOs or Non Governmental Organizations. I am always in the middle of some place where they are supposed to be, but da#$ed if I can find them, I thought I was good, but I can never find these people.

CNN and BBC if 100 percent Earthquake or Tsunami. They are annoying or I am annoyed by the world. It is always money, and I just paid 100 Baht bribe to the Cambodia health person to enter Cambodia and now people are giving millions to these people. Good money going for a good cause, but please hope 20 percent goes to the people.

I would suppose if I was going to give… I would go down and give to people in the streets. … oops.

If I was going to give to an organization, I would give to Red Cross or maybe Care, but for sure no others. And only to the USA ones, maybe to England and Australia, never to any of the other countries.

I remember a Dutch Hotel owner telling about the police setting up a shop to sell the food sent for the Hurricane Paulina Victims in Puerto Escondido. This is going to be windfall for the government officials in these corrupt countries as the good people fill their pockets. I wish I trusted any of them. The USA is the only one that has oversite. I would not trust a Thai government official to with 2 baht.