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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2005-01-17 19:31:00

It is possible we leave tonight for Phuket, Thailand, it would be nice to get off Khao San Road and do anything different. Andrew has given me zero clues as to what he would like to do, I am only positive he likes to work on computers and play.

We have two three quarter completed web cam projects completed, but maybe it a time to take a brain break and allow some of those creative thoughts to come forth that happen only when you are doing nothing.

So maybe we can go buy a bus ticket for Phuket, then leave at 6:00 PM on an overnight bus to Phuket. The ticket cost 300 baht I think at the Peachy guesthouse and cost 400 baht with Mr. Joe, so I guess normal no priority sales here. This is why I constantly try to tell people that have to learn to negotiate, a friend of a friend is never safe.