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2005-01-10 23:10:00

Tuesday January 11, 2005 6:19 AM

I misplace certain feelings and thoughts sometime, and then when I am amiss of myself, I find I am in need of something. They say and I will not say who says, but there are those that say there is a hole in my chest, and the wind blows through, but the wind can never fill the hole.

The filling of this hole is the game or the prospect to achieve, how to fill the hole is not the problem, but more correctly, to find how the wind works, or what is the wind composed of, plus why does the wind not have a substance great enough to fill the hole. How can I fill a hole with wind? Now if that is not a riddle, nothing is a riddle, but I am away from home, and there is no Butter Pecan Ice Cream and I am on a diet so I will not go buy the expensive peanut butter that is possible to buy in Asia.

I find that the world may be too petty here some days. The swimming pool is full of great people, but the conversation around the pool is both petty and noble, but more petty than noble.

Travel can be a search, the confusion in travel is we are not sure why we travel, why they call it a vacation, why it is a Holiday, and from what, and why do we go away from our home to find something else? What are we searching for when we travel; I find that I pick up three possible things when I travel around.

1. Petty things.

2. Voyeuristic things.

3. Noble things.

The petty things are everywhere, voyeuristic things like poverty, freaks, and bikinis on the beach. The Voyeuristic things are what create conversational currency that I can store in my bank for a fun conversation, but the noble things are what I will remember or will help me fill up the hole. People say there is nobility in all things, but the more I travel, I become positive there are place where the petty life rules. The more I travel and the more I know the solution is to travel, I can move away from a place or move toward another place.

“Destiny commands, we must obey.”

Winston Churchill


Tuesday January 11, 2005 4:04 AM

I have waked too early, but the great part is for some reason the cable TV in my room has National Geographic Channel on and I can watch some educational type shows. They are real documentaries and I feel thankful that I learning about Camels, the Desert and other interesting subject while when the ignorance of the planet allow the word documentary and Michael Moore to be said in the same sentence. It is a sad world we live in when people cannot discern that Michael Moore is a sham.

I have almost 25 days until I go to Indonesia or south of Thailand. Malaysia, Singapore and maybe some other countries are in between Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. I am dwelling presently on the trip; it is hard to think about the time it will take to travel by land from Bangkok to Bali by land. There is…

This is a discount airline like or others in Europe, but it is seem less and less valuable to me, and in away is annoying me, as I cannot without great amounts of work arrange a trip with the plane. In Europe, I can save hundreds of dollars by using these discount airlines. However, in Asia as best I can calculate is they quadruple my cost. For example, I can go to Phuket for about 1200 Baht by Airplane, the trip may take an hour, but the cost of a bus is 350 Baht.

Nevertheless, there are these extras and extras and extras, that drive me crazy.


1200 Baht for airplane ticket.

200 Baht for handling.

200 Baht for taxi to Airport.

200 Baht for taxi from Airport in Phuket.

This mean I pay 1800 Baht or 1450 Baht or 36 U.S. Dollars more to go to Phuket quickly. I think the bus takes about 12 hours and I would take a night bus, but the plane with the inclusion of time I need to sit around in Airport and Taxi will take a minimum of 5 hours, and eat up day hours. Day hours are different from night hours.

What is happening here is that I am sitting around going to great effort to try to avoid the 12 hours in the bus and in the end; I find I love the bus. I can do zero planning, go and buy a ticket anytime and leave. I will be in Phuket with zero problems the next morning at a great time to arrive and live is easy. I can take all of my bags; I do not have to leave half in storage because of the very stringent weight restrictions of I think they have this 15-kilo limit, which is ridiculous.


I try my best to replace the bus with other forms of transportation, but in the end, the bus is usually my preferred method of travel. It just makes life simple.

Indonesia is a long way from here; I am considering a huge jump with the train which is more comfortable by bus to Penang, Malaysia and then bus further south. I would be going right down the coast that would according the news have been destroyed by the Tsunami. I am a little jaded or maybe I do not trust the news. There was a report that 70 percent of the Hotels in Phuket that were not damaged. I am thinking that right now is the perfect time to go to these extreme tourist locations.